EXTERRA GeoScience Ltd. specializes in the processing and analysis of borehole image data and dipmeters. All current industry tools and data formats are processed by our software, including the latest oil based imaging tools. The output from our interactive workstation analysis can be a combination of 'traditional' paper prints or digital images for further analysis by our clients.

In addition to providing our clients with money saving independent quality control of the data, our geological and reservoir studies include:

· Structural & stratigraphic image analysis
· Depositional process analysis
· Textural analysis of carbonate reservoirs
· Porosity / permeability analysis

We know the tools!

· We were involved in the FMI field-testing and the re-design of the Star tool as well as numerous interpretation software applications.

We know the applications!

· Interactive workstation analysis
· Custom output formats
· Integration of images with other reservoir data
· Custom interpretation seminars & training
· Highly experienced geological staff with over 20 years oil and service company background.

Exterra GeoScience Ltd. 164 April Point Drive North, Montgomery, TX 77356 Phone: (832) 484 - 9200